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Taresa Spade, LCSW and support staff, Hoku

A Quick Introduction...

I’m Taresa Spade, LCSW, owner and therapist of Vital Minds, LLC (…and that’s my co-worker, Hoku, sitting next to me).

My services are grounded in practical, enduring, and authentic life practices.

My approach is co-creative – I provide a blend of timeless human understanding and wisdom, cutting-edge neuro-psych insights, and consistently effective therapeutic methods. You provide your dreams, goals, priorities, and life experience. Together we build skills toward greater mastery of your life and reconnection with the vitality of your holistic well-being.

Ready to dive in and uncover what you're really capable of?

Send me an email or give me a call.

You can do this!!

Individual Teletherapy

Here for you where ever you are

I provide services to adult individuals interested in support for the following:

  • Stress, Anxiety, Panic

  • Major Life Changes and Transitions

  • Trauma

  • Adult ADHD

  • Relationship Issues, including ‘alternative’ relationships

  • LGBTQIA+ Challenges

  • Chronic and/or Terminal Illness

  • Caregiver Challeges

  • Grief and Loss (there are many different kinds)

  • Personal Empowerment and Growth

  • Holistic Well-Being

Life Mastery

Take intentional leadership of your own life

We’ve spent along time under the impression that we are our thoughts and feelings, those elements of us are the central structure of life experience.

They define us, somehow. 

We are so much more than this. 


You have everything you need, right this very moment, to become the master of your experience. To re-write your story. All it takes are a few small shifts in self-understanding to achieve a dynamic and vital mind-set.


(Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) 

I am a trained EMDR provider and am registered through one of the worlds leading EMDR over-sight organizations - EMDR International Association.  

To learn more about EMDR, find out about the EMDRIA, or find me on their registry click here.

Available through OnLine visits!

Stone Balancing
Image by Mosharraf Hossain
Image by Jonas Jacobsson

Adult ADHD

I am a certified clinical service provider and work with adults who are managing (or trying to manage) the impact of ADHD in their lives.

I am deeply invested in the on-going understanding of ways ADHD impacts women's lives through our lifespan. 

Whether you're trying to find out if ADHD is a part of your life, are recently diagnosed, or are looking for continued support as you go through life changes, I can help. 


I hold a trauma therapies certification and primarily focus on traumas that occur within relationships - intimate partner, marriage, family, academic, workplace, medical, etc. Trauma isn't just physical. 

Yes, emotional and psychological traumas are real.

Just because you don’t see the damage on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s not there. MRI images show many structural changes inside the body after emotional and psychological hurt has occurred.

The good news is that you have the ability to heal. Your life, your peace, your future, your dreams are all still available. You’ve already done the hard things - now, would you like to undo them and try something better for you?

I use therapies designed by Sandra Brown, M.A, Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Peter Levine, PhD, Francine Shapiro, PhD, Janina Fischer, PhD, Richard Schwatrz, PhD, and more.

Coalition for National Trauma Research

Kintsugi, beautiful.jpg
This photo was taken in the high mountai


Our new world of communications has allowed me to be available to you in a way that acknowledges your time, comfort, safety, and everyday life. 
I offer one hour personalized therapy visits on-line or by telephone 
* Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mountain Time*
Initial visits may be longer and can be made by contacting me directly via email:
or phone:

Prices & Insurance

I am credentialed to accept payment from the following providers:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (including HMSA)

  • Allegiance Benefit Plan 

  • First Choice Health Network (including Aetna)

  • Montana Health Co-Op

  • Pacific Source Commercial

  • United Health Care

  • ComPsych


I also accept private pay and HSA payment.

In recognition of our current social and economic difficulties, I offer a sliding scale fee to anyone who does not have insurance coverage or who has insurance w/out mental health coverage. Please contact me for these price plans.

Contact Information 

Thanks for reaching out! Watch for a reply within the next 24 hours.

I am Licensed for Independent Clinical Practice in the following states:

  • Hawaii - LCSW 4493 (exp 06/30/2025) 

  *If you’re in Hawaii, I'm also available through Rula if your insurance doesn't cover my services through private practice.

  • Montana - LCSW 4493

  • California - LCSW 101117

  *If you’re in California, I'm available through Headway. 

  • Washington - LCISW 61317222

  • Minnesota - LICSW 31664

  • Illinois - LCSW 149.026956


(808) 359-4730

I'm transitioning to the Headway platform for my practice and would be happy for you to join me there! 

Just click the button to connect with me.

Emergency Contacts

If you are having a crisis, are dealing with suicidal thoughts, or are planning or preparing to end your own life, please take a moment to call: 988

or visit

The National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Vital Minds, LLC is not an emergency or crisis service. 

If you are experiencing an emergency, are in a situation that is dangerous to yourself or others, or are experiencing a medical event, please call 911

If you are in danger of being harmed by a partner, family member, close friend or someone else you know, find a safe place and call: 1 (800) 799-7233

SMS text ‘BEGIN’ to 88788

National Domestic Violence Hotline

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